Choosing the Right Hearing Solution

Your hearing evaluation is an important first step on your path to better hearing. Today’s hearing instruments are discreet, light weight, reliable and high performance. Better hearing helps you get more out of life. Your Audiologist is your most valuable resource to help you understand your hearing needs, recommend the most appropriate hearing solution, adapt your hearing aids to your personal profile, and provide support along the way.

Perhaps you think that hearing instruments won’t help you or that they are too expensive.

Today there are hearing instruments designed to help all degrees of hearing loss. New technology has allowed for Bluetooth connection to your phone and rechargeable. Many Medicare Advantage plans now offer great hearing aid coverage. You could have little to no copay.  There are even different levels of technology available to meet different budget needs.

Choosing the right instrument for you

You are going to make this decision with expert advice. It is important to share your needs and preferences with your Audiologist, and together you will arrive at a solution that is best for you.

There are three basic elements to this decision:

  • Your design and style preferences
  • Your communication needs and hearing abilities
  • Other individual preferences and issues, including financial matters